About Us

A-dam Good Dry Rub is a spice and rub company that specializes in healthy rubs for your meat. All of our seasonings have no added salt and have varying flavors to suit every taste bud. Catering to local residents from around the greater Charleston area, our aim is to share our love of spices with you and your family.

Adam was born in South Carolina and has always been a self motivated individual that enjoys spending time with his family and creating new flavors for his rubs. He has always enjoyed grilling all different kinds of food and he threw some wings on the grill one evening, but he wanted to try something different rather than coating them in some sauce. He went to the grocery store to find a dry rub but he did not have much luck. All he could find was marinade packets that were loaded with salt. Adam decided to create his own rubs which took quite a bit of trial and error. Eventually his experiments were perfected. Adam started sharing his blends with friends and family who fell in love with them. All of sudden the demand started growing and he decided that his rubs needed to be available to all meat lovers. Adam decided to coordinate with Travis to get things off of the ground. A-dam Good Dry Rub was born.

Travis was born in Georgia and has always had an appreciation for cooking and trying different spices. He is a US Air Force veteran that enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, hunting, fishing and cooking! Adam first brought Travis a few different spices to sample; Travis and his wife loved the flavor and commented to Adam that they would love to purchase the next batch that he made. A couple of weeks later Adam approached Travis and asked him to be a part of A-dam Good Dry Rub.